Friday, February 24, 2006

Shopping in Osan Part 2....

What can I say about is like a magical place! If you love to shop (and I dearly love it) then you would love this place. I think we might have went through 1/4 of the streets/shops. Maybe...but I doubt it. It seems like we just hit the tip of the ice berg. I cannot wait to go back!

The next few shots are just pics of the streets and alleys. There are shop after shop. When there is no shop there is a person with a table selling something. They all were willing to bargain with us. I am not used to that. It is hard for me and so I would pull Court or SFC Rippstine in when ever we went into a store. Towards the end of the day I was a little braver...but not much.

Court went into this guitar shop and decided to buy a guitar. I think the last time he played was when he was home last....almost a year ago. The one he got is a Fender and it looks like those above only it is a very pretty blue. He paid just under $200 for it. He later looked online and said the same one he bought was going for $500.
I love Court's smile in this picture. He has since been playing almost nightly. The good thing about the internet is you can find anything on it including guitar music!
Maddie and Abby. Maddie bought a fan in a souvenir type shop. I think by this point it was pretty much destroyed.

Here I am having some coffee.
SFC Rippstine ordering a custom tailored coat. I also ordered one from this gentleman. I am supposed to be getting it this weekend. I will take a picture when I do.
Gavin pushing Maddie with Maria and SFC Rippstine in the back.

They sell everything here.

Sunglasses....I should mention that Gavin took a lot of these photos. He has really gotten into taking pictures with my camera and he is sometimes a little braver than I would be.

DVD' will see these sort of things all over here. You pick the movie you a preview on the TV and the guy burns you a copy from his computer. A lot of times these are movies that have not been out on DVD yet.
Got a favorite team and player? They have the jersey and if not they can make one. Court got a blue Peyton Manning Jersey for $20.
This is a really awful picture of me taken by Gavin. Mink blankets are all over the place here. We bought two while in Osan. One place charged me $16 which I felt was pretty good. The ones we bought on post were $25. I went into this store behind me and the lady told me $20 and I said no too much and started to walk out. And she asked..what color you like? So I told her and she said $18 and started pulling it out. I told her I had bought my other one for $15 and she says..ok! So I got the second one for $15.

More mink blankets. They have all sizes. We have been buying twin size. They are so soft and warm. I have seen many designs. We have Dora, Spiderman and Cinderella.

Silk (?) pillows and blankets. A lot of the wives here have silk bedspreads. You can see the two pillows on top are Sponge Bob and Power Puff Girls.
These are similar only made of the mink.
Lots of pottery.
Loads and loads of purses here. I am not sure if these are the real deal or not. I bought a small "coach" purse for $20. It looks just like this one. Only it is black. It has a label inside in and everything? Well I do not care if it is not the real thing. I wanted a smallish purse and this was the right size and price for me! :)

After shopping and shopping until we were almost dead on our feet we headed back to Osan Air Base. We all gassed up and met at the PX. I do not have pictures of this part but we did a whole lot more shopping. It was mostly dull stuff like clothes and socks. I bought a bunch of books for Gavin and a few birthday gifts. We had some Pizza hut at the eatery and were all ready to go. It was 9:30 pm by the time we left. We had to be back inside the gates no later than 1 am since there is a curfew. The ride home was pretty uneventful. It seemed to take forever. I was just glad to be home. The kids slept almost the entire way.